Cyclone dust collector

Cyclone dust collector is a industrial dust collector, and environment protection equipment. It is high efficient and low cost gas cleaning equipment for air cleaning, fly ash removal, dust removal, exhaust removal, and high temperature gas cleaning system. 

Cyclone dust collector is mainly used to remove non-fibrous and non-cohesive dust or fly ash with high dust density from industrial waste gas. 
It can be used in industrial ventilation and industrial dust collection and material recovery systems in mining, metallurgy, refractory, coal, chemical and power energy,and material drying industries and factories, especially for initial gas purification of high temperature flue gas. 
It is a kind of industrial dust collector and separation equipment widely used in industries, factories, boilers, rotary dryer or other drying machines, workshops of spinning mill, wood mill, rice mill, mining mills etc. 
It is used for collecting dust and ash diameter ≥5-10 micron or bigger size. it can reduce dust and ash density down to ≤ 200mg/m3.
The mechanism of cyclone dust collector is to make the dust-laden airflow to rotate and to separate and capture the dust particles from the airflow by centrifugal force, and then to drop particles in hopper by gravity.
Model Inlet dust concentration Inlet Speed 12m/s Inlet Speed15m/s Inlet Speed 18m/s 
Diameter(mm) Allowed dust concentration(g/m3) Gas volume (m3/h) Gas volume (m3/h) Gas volume (m3/h)
XF/A2.0 200 150 300 370 440
XF/A2.5 250 165 460 580 690
XF/A3.0 300 180 670 8330 1000
XF/A3.5 350 190 910 1140 1360
XF/A4.0 400 200 1180 1480 1780
XF/A4.5 450 225 1500 1870 2250
XF/A5.0 500 250 1860 2320 2780
XF/A5.5 550 275 2240 2800 3360
XF/A6.0 600 300 2670 2340 4000
XF/A6.5 650 325 3130 3920 4700
XF/A7.0 700 350 3630 4540 5440
XF/A7.5 750 375 4170 5210 6250
XF/A8.0 800 400 4750 5940 7130



Major equipment



1. Cyclone dust collectors not only can be used in ventilation and material recovery systems in mining, metallurgy, refractory, coal, chemical ,pharmaceutical and power industries. 2. Also can be used in building materials, cement and other industries to collect dry non-fibrous granular dust, fly ash and smoke dust with large proportion, and can be used as material recovery equipment.



1.Low Cost---Cyclone dust collector price is always lower than other kinds of industrial dust collector and gas clean machine.

2.High efficiency

3.Simple structure

4.Flexible operation

5.Easy installation and maintenance

6.Low equipment investment and operating costs, long service life

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