FMC-64 Type Dust Removal Machine

FMC type dust removal machine is a kind of dry-type filter. It is suitable for trapping fine, dry and non-fibrous dust.

The split pulse dust removal machine produced by our company has made great progress in purifying dusty gas.
Because of the advanced dust cleaning technology and the large increase of gas cloth ratio, it has the characteristics of large air handling capacity, small floor area, high purifying efficiency, reliable operation, simple structure and small maintenance. 
Dust removal efficiency can reach more than 99%. It is a mature and relatively perfect high-efficiency dust removal equipment.
Capacity    Model DYFMC-64 SERIES
64-4 64-5 64-6 64-7 64-8
Air volume  (m³/h) 17800 22300 26700 31200 35700
Filter area (㎡) 248 310 372 434 496
Number of dust collector (piece) 4 5 6 7 8
Number of bags per room (piece) 64
Total number of filter bags(piece) 256 320 384 448 512
Compressed air consumption (Nm³*min) 0.6(1.2)
Total weight  (t) 8.3 9.8 11.7 13.4 15
Filter bag wind speed(m/min) 1.2
Understand negative pressure(Pa) ≤ 6000
Dust collector resistance(Pa) < 1500
Outlet concentration(mg/nm³) < 50
Dust removal efficiency(%) >99.9



Major equipment



It is widely used in dust removal and purification of non-fibrous industrial dust in mining, mechanical manufacturing, chemical products, metallurgy, rubber, flour, chemical industry, pharmaceutical, carbon, cement building materials and other industrial and mining enterprises.



(1)High efficiency,more than 99%.

(2)Wide range of air handling.

(3)Simple structure, easy maintenance and operation.

(4)The same high efficiency ,but price is lower than that of electrostatic precipitators.

(5)Using high temperature resistant filter material, it can operate at high temperature above 200 ℃.

(6)It is insensitive to the characteristics of dust and is not affected by dust and resistance.

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