1MW Wood Gas Power Plant System / Bioenergy from Wood Waste

Wood gasifier also belongs to forest waste gasification power system and is a kind of biomass gasification. The main raw materials used in wood gasifier are all kinds of waste wood. The gasification process of wood gasifier is a process of producing combustible gas by pyrolysis and oxidation at high temperature. Wood gasifier system can also be called wood gas producing equipment, which is a new type of environmental protection equipment.


In the process of wood gasification, wood should be dried as a fuel, the moisture will be below 20%, and the wood will be broken into a size of about 30mm, and then enter the gasifier to form a synthesis through pyrolysis of biomass, oxidation, reduction and other reactions. After the syngas is purified by the dust collector, the clean gas can be used for docking biomass power plant, biomass dryer and other equipment.

Wood gas power generation system also belongs to biomass gas power generation system. Wood, as a biomass raw material fuel, is pyrolyzed or gasified at high temperature to produce a flammable gas. Biomass gases are mainly CO, H2, and a small amount of methane. Other components include tar, solid carbon particles, moisture, etc. Wood has a higher calorific value, so it has a higher calorific value. It is a better biomass fuel. Wood gas power generation is also called wood gasification power generation.

biomass power plant

Capacity Type
Parameter DY-L800 DY-L1500 DY-L2000 DY-L3000 DY-L4000 DY-L4500 DY-L6000
Rated output power of matched generator 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1500
Gas production of clean gas 800 1500 2000 3000 4000 4500 6000
Consumption of biomass fuel <35
Volume of circulating water 0.32~0.39 0.6~0.72 0.75~0.95 1.2~1.44 1.5~1.8 1.8~2.16 2.4~2.88
Weight of biomass furnace 9~11 12~15 18-27 14~30 31-39 36~45 43~49
Ash removing way Dry type screw conveyer collection and discharge.
Device of cleaning and cooling 2 stage cyclone separator + spray scrubber + electronic tar precipitator(or low temperature tar remover) + filter + frequency conversion blower.



Major equipment

Details show:

gasifier details


Biomass material:

biomass materials


1)Technical advantages: Circulating fluidized bed,advanced technology, large and stable gas production, can start power generator unit in 20 minutes.

2) The equipment is small in size, less footprint area require, flexible layout, and easy to operate and maintain.

3) The whole system and auxiliary equipment are all designed with high-grade explosion-proof design technology, which is more safe and reliable.

4) Energy-saving advantages: 60%-80% energy saving than natural gas and liquefied gas, high thermal efficiency.

5) Environmental advantages: Dust-free emission during operation, safe and environmentally friendly.

6) Return on investment: low energy consumption and significant economic benefits.

7) Wide range of usage: wide range of raw materials resources.



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