Natural Gas Vermiculite Expansion Furnace

Compared with the traditional vermiculite expansion furnace with direct coal combustion as heat source, Henan Dianyan has developed a new vermiculite expansion furnace with natural gas as heat source. This is a more environmentally friendly new type natural gas vermiculite expansion furnace.

Traditional vermiculite expansion furnace uses direct coal combustion as heat source, but this method of direct coal combustion is highly polluting and only suitable for use in some areas with low environmental requirements.
The exhaust gas discharge and water treatment of vermiculite expansion furnace with natural gas as heat source all meet the national environmental protection requirements.
Compared with the traditional expansion furnace, the output is also greatly increased.
Vermiculite Expansion Furnace
No Part Name Unit  
1 Coal Gasifier  1 Optional
2 Hoist 2  
3 Preheat Oven 1  
4 Expansion Furnace 1  
5 Cyclone Dust Collector 1 Optional
6 Baghouse Dust Collector 1 Optional
7 Induced Fan 3  
8 Silo 1  


Major equipment



Expanded vermiculite can be used for:

1. Agricultural: Vermiculite can be used as soil amendment. Its water absorption, cation exchange and chemical composition make it play multiple roles of fertilizer conservation, water conservation, water storage, air permeability and mineral fertilizer.

2. Gardening: As a horticultural vermiculite, its main function is to increase the aeration and water retention of soil (medium).

3. Vermiculite can be used in flower, vegetable, fruit cultivation, seedling and so on.

4. In addition to potted soil and regulators, it is also used in soilless cultivation.



1. Fully automatic control, saving time and effort.

2. High efficiency and low energy consumption. 

3. Low-carbon environmental protection and pollution-free.

4. The equipment has high stability and easy maintenance. After the equipment is put into operation, it runs stably and reliably, has low failure rate and is difficult to maintain.

5. Reasonable heating mode. It overcomes the shortages of poor stability and difficult preservation of gas and other energy sources..

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