Natural Gas Perlite Expansion Furnace

Natural gas perlite expansion furnace is a special equipment for expanding perlite. It can be used in refractory industry to produce 0.6g/cm3 light energy-saving refractory bricks and various ultra-light energy-saving refractories.

According to the market demand and on the basis of electricity as heat source, our company has made technological innovation. By improving the furnace structure and combining with the principle of gas heating, we have successfully developed a new generation of perlite expansion furnace in China by using a microcomputer temperature control device.
Adopting various dust removal methods to make the whole production line free of dust pollution, more energy-saving and environmental protection.
perlite expansion furnace
Type BW-PKM-730 BW-PKM-630 BW-PKM-530
Fuel gas power 600-1000kw 600-1000kw 600-1000kw
Coal gas consumption 2000Nm³/h 2000Nm³/h 2000Nm³/h
Operation Temperature <1200℃ <1200℃ <1200℃
Heating type Direct heating Direct heating Direct heating
Burner 1 set 1 set 1 set
Heating time <3.5h <3.5h <3.5h
Daily yield 50-80t 30-50t 15-30t


Major equipment



Expanded perlite which from perlite expansion furnace is widely used as building insulation material, as well as as agricultural soil improvement material to increase soil moisture retention capacity. In addition, it can also be used as auxiliary materials in industrial casting, brewing, filtration, washing and other processes.It can also be used in the bottom filler of fireworks and firecrackers.



1. Fully automatic control, saving time and effort.

2. High efficiency and low energy consumption

3. Low-carbon environmental protection and pollution-free.

4. The equipment has high stability and easy maintenance. After the equipment is put into operation, it runs stably and reliably, has low failure rate and is difficult to maintain.

5. Reasonable heating mode. It overcomes the shortages of poor stability and difficult preservation of gas and other energy sources.

perlite expansion furnace

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