FMC-128 series bag dust collector

FMC type bag dust collector is a new and more efficient dust collector developed by our company on the basis of PPC series dust collector. According to the number of bags, this kind of dust collector can be divided into four series: 32 type, 64 type, 96 type and 128 type.

The bag dust collector synthesizes the advantages of compartment back-blowing and pulse injection cleaning bag filter. At the same time, it overcomes the shortcomings of insufficient intensity of chamber back-blowing and simultaneous cleaning and filtering by pulse injection, thus expanding the application scope of bag filter.
The bag dust collector consists of shell, ash hopper, ash unloading device, support and ash cleaning system.
Capacity    Model DYFMC-128 SERIES
128-2x6 128-2x7 128-2x8 128-2x9 128-2x10 128-2x11 128-2x12
Air volume  (m³/h) 134600 157000 179400 201900 224300 247600 269100
Filter area (㎡) 1869 2181 2492 2084 3115 3427 3738
Number of dust collector (piece) 12 14 16 18 20 22 24
Number of bags per room (piece) 128
Total number of filter bags(piece) 1536 1792 2048 2304 2560 2816 3072
Compressed air consumption (Nm³*min) 1.6(3.0) 1.8(3.5) 2.0(4.0)
Total weight  (t) 43.9 52.7 60 66.5 72 78.5 86.4
Filter bag wind speed(m/min) 1.2
Understand negative pressure(Pa) ≤ 6000
Dust collector resistance(Pa) < 1500
Outlet concentration(mg/nm³) < 50
Dust removal efficiency(%) >99.9


Major equipment



Pharmaceutical plant dust removal, stone plant dust removal, asphalt mixing station dust removal, coal-fired boiler plant dust removal, cement plant dust removal, lime plant dust removal, steel plant dust removal, coal washing plant dust removal, fertilizer plant dust removal, biological boiler plant dust removal, and other building materials, metallurgy, machinery, chemical industry and refractory industries.



(1) High reliability design to ensure long-term stable operation of bag dust collector with main equipment and low maintenance workload;

(2) optimizing inlet and outlet design is conducive to uniform airflow distribution.

(3) air leakage prevention design ensures minimum leakage rate of bag filter.

(4) all steel split structure design is convenient for equipment transportation and installation.

(5) low operating cost. Optimizing the design of process parameters is conducive to the stable operation of bag filter with low resistance, high efficiency, reducing energy consumption of the system, and effectively reducing the loss of filter bags.

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