Coal Gas Vermiculite Expansion Furnace

After high temperature roasting, the volume of raw vermiculite sheets can rapidly expand several times to tens of times. The expanded vermiculite is called expanded vermiculite. The vermiculite expansion furnace uses coal gas as fuel to drive the expansion furnace so as to promote raw vermiculite to become expanded vermiculite.


The gas vermiculite expansion furnace produced and developed by Henan Dianyan is an energy-saving industrial electric furnace for vermiculite roasting and vermiculite expansion. It uses energy-saving and emission reduction technology, ceramic fiber high-pressure module lining, and computer program roasting process curve to automatically control temperature, save energy and protect environment.

Vermiculite expansion equipment

No Part Name Unit  
1 Coal Gasifier  1 Optional
2 Hoist 2  
3 Preheat Oven 1  
4 Expansion Furnace 1  
5 Cyclone Dust Collector 1 Optional
6 Baghouse Dust Collector 1 Optional
7 Induced Fan 3  
8 Silo 1  


Major equipment



Vermiculite has been widely used in construction, live gold, petroleum, shipbuilding, environmental protection, thermal insulation, insulation, energy saving and other fields. Animal husbandry: Expanded vermiculite has unique structural characteristics and surface properties, as well as non-toxic, sterile and chemical inertia, can be used as carriers, adsorbents, fixatives, and feed additives.



1. Fully automatic control, saving time and effort.

2. Advanced design and reasonable structure.Less fragile and wearable parts, easy maintenance in later period.

3. The main furnace uses pulverized coal combustion to provide expansion heat. Full and thorough combustion, coal consumption to the minimum, to reduce the overall cost of products to provide convenient conditions.

4. Low energy consumption. Compared with traditional kiln, energy consumption is reduced by 20%-30%, which greatly saves cost.

Vermiculite expansion equipment

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