Biomass Gasifier For Heating

Biomass Gasification is a lower cost alternative fuel of Oil, Natrual Gas, Coal, LPG, LNG.  Biomass Gasifier can converts various biomass waste or biomass fuel into fuel gas for heating Boiler, Kiln, furnace, Melting Metals, drying machine etc. Our customer’s Fuel or Energy cost will reduce 40~60%.

(1)Henan Dianyan produces biomass gasification plant based on its over 10 years science research in its national technology research institute. We have fixed bed updraft gasifiers and fluidized bed gasifiers to provide various solutions to our customers.
(2)The fuel material is forestry waste and agricultural waste such as biomass pellet, wood cut off, wood branch, sawdust, bark, leaves, nut shell, baggasse, rice husk, straw, stalks, cow dung, animal manure etc.
(3)The fuel gas or called syngas is clean and perfect substitute fuel for Metal Melting like Aluminum melting,Zinc melting, Magnesium melting and smelting, Lead melting, Tin melting etc.
(4)Biomass gasifier can provide fuel gas for kilns of Clay products, Bricks, Lime, Charcoal kilns..
(5)Biomass gasification plant can provide fuel to Boilers such like Steam Boiler, Hot Water Boiler, Thermal Oil Boiler etc.
(6)Biomass Pyrolysis and biomass gasifier equipment can provide fuel to rotary dryers or other drying machines for material or products drying such as chemical products, food drying, crops drying, biomass material drying, wood drying. Sand drying, mining material drying etc. 
Features DY-L800 DY-L1000 DY-L1500 DY-L1800 DY-L2000 DY-L3000 DY-L4000 DY-L5000 DY-L6000
Theoretical output (m3/h) 800m3 1000m3 1500m3 1800m3 2000m3 3000m3 4000m3 5000m3 6000m3
 Contents CO:20-25%; H2:8-15%; CH4 2-4%; CO2: 2-4%; N2  40-45%; O2:≤1.0%
material  ton/h 0.32~0.39 0.4~0.55 0.6~0.72 0.72~0.9 0.8~0.96 1.2~1.44 1.6~1.92 2~2.4 2.4~2.88
 Size Size of feed stock ≤15mm
Moisture Better moisture ≤15% (Max moisture ≤20%)
Heat Value of  wood gas  1100-1300Kcal/m3
Max temperature of flame  Max Heating Temperature ≤1200℃
Gasifier OutPut Heat Value (Kcal/h) 1,000,000 1,250,000 1,875,000 2,250,000 2,500,000 3,750,000 5,000,000 6,250,000 7,500,000
By-products Take wood chips(1 ton)as instance :


Major equipment



Heating application: In addition to the steam or hot water that can be connected to the boiler, other thermal equipment such as industrial furnaces, incinerators, melting furnaces, drying equipment, food drying equipment, ironing equipment, baking equipment , industrial annealing furnaces, asphalt heating equipment, die casting machines, etc... can also be used for docking


Product advantages:

1.Low Operation Cost--- the By-products charcoal sales incoming will cover the cost of operation and biomass material cost.

2.Low Energy Cost—fuel cost will reduce 40%~60% comparing with typical fuel like Coal, LNG, LPG, Natural gas, Oil or Electricity.

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