Henan Dianyan New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd : Say Hello ,New Logo !

09.09, 2019

Respected customers and partners:

First of all, we appreciate it very much for your trust and support of our company, we would like to express our sincere wishes and greetings to everyone.

Henan Dianyan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. will make the following adjustments to further enhance the company's image, shape its brand, better reflect the company's global strategic layout and technological innovation development plan. I hope you will know that:

  • Start new LOGO from now on

The new LOGO will be launched from now on, and the company's original LOGO will be phased out.

Henan Dianyan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.,

  • Interpretation of the new LOGO

An idea of making products extraordinary

Redefining Brand Value and Inventing New Business

English initial letter of new energy for Dianyan New Energy : D Y N E

Green is the meaning of life in Chinese culture. It can represent nature, ecology, environmental protection and so on.

Because green is related to spring, it symbolizes purity and prosperity.

Green in character color represents peace, friendliness and good at listening.

Orange represents wealth and auspiciousness. Orange means friendship,youth and beauty.

Chinese people regard oranges as mascots and consider them as auspicious .

  • Enablement requirement of new LOGO

After the new LOGO enabled, the company's relevant official public numbers, official websites, business cards, image walls, signs, exhibition shelves, leaflets, etc., will gradually replace the old version of LOGO.

If you have any questions, you can send an email to to contact us. We will serve you wholeheartedly!

Thank you again for your support to Henan Dianyan New Energy. We will work hand in hand with our customers and partners to create greater value with a new look.