biomass power generating plant

08.20, 2020
China is a populous country, facing the dual pressure of economic growth and environmental protection in the 21st century. How to change the mode of energy production and consumption and develop and utilize renewable clean energy resources is of great significance to the establishment of a sustainable energy system, the promotion of national economic development and environmental protection. Biomass energy is the fourth largest energy source in the world, second only to coal, oil and natural gas, and is a renewable resource. It is regarded as one of the alternative fuels for a sustainable future. Paolo Frankl, Director of the Renewable Energy Department of the International Energy Agency, said that biomass energy is "the neglected giant in renewable energy." Biomass energy is of positive significance for enhancing energy security.
my country has abundant biomass energy resources. In recent years, relevant state departments have issued a number of documents to support clean biomass heating. According to the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Development of Biomass Heating Development" issued by the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration, biomass heating is a green and low-carbon heating method and an important measure to replace coal-fired heating in counties and rural areas. It not only reduces the open burning of straw in rural areas, but also provides clean heat. The scientific utilization of biomass resources through biomass heating technology greatly reduces environmental pollution and resource waste caused by unreasonable utilization of agricultural and forestry wastes such as straws and branches.
In terms of biomass power generation, the "2020 China Biomass Power Generation Industry Development Report" mentioned: "Biomass energy is an important part of the renewable energy system, and its proportion and influence in industry and transportation are far greater than other Renewable energy. It is estimated that by 2023, biomass energy will become the main force of renewable energy." When "China Renewable Energy Development Report 2019" mentioned biomass power generation, it emphasized two words-stability. According to the report, as of the end of 2019, my country's cumulative installed capacity of biomass power generation reached 23.69 million kilowatts, an increase of 3.25 million kilowatts from 2018. In addition to the installed capacity, the power generation capacity of biomass power generation is also increasing. In 2019, the biomass power generation capacity was approximately 111.1 billion kWh, an increase of 22.6% year-on-year.