Welcome Pakistan Friends Come to Visit Dianyan Biomass Gasification Project

02.19, 2019

Welcome Pakistan Friends Come to Visit Dianyan Biomass Gasification Project

Biomass is an important renewable energy source with a wide range of sources and huge quantities. With the increasingly severe global climate problem, more and more people pay attention to the effective utilization of biomass. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations, China and Pakistan have been as close as a family. Whether in terms of diplomatic relations between the two countries or in terms of trade contacts, we welcome the arrival of this Pakistani customer very much.

The biomass gasifier developed and manufactured by our company can be used not only for power generation, but also for direct docking of steam boilers. At present, the biomass gasifier co-production equipment developed by Kunming Dianyan has been put into use in Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia and many other countries.

Pakistani customers, after having a deep understanding of the projects and strong strength of our company, decided to visit our company in the start of November 2018 for field visits. While making an appointment with our sales manager , our company had also arranged accommodation and visiting procedures for this Pakistani customer in advance. Our sales manager had led customers to visit the factory, the company and the domestic equipment scene. After two days' visit, the customer finally took an order with our company.

Biomass gasifier

Picture of Customer Visit Factory

biomass gasification

Picture of Talking Between Customer and Our Company

biomass gasifier power plant

Picture of the Biomass Gasifier Project