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03.27, 2019

Have you ever been to Zhengzhou in spring? Have you seen the scenery of Zhengzhou? Have you smelled the peach blossoms in Zhengzhou? Come and follow our customers to Zhengzhou’ s bright spring and green tomorrow!

Henan Dianyan Biomass Gasifier

Peach Blossoms in Zhengzhou

"Friends come from afar" - In this beautiful spring, we have welcomed a number of friends from abroad. Let's follow our Thai friends to visit our company and see our equipment.

Green new energy equipment - biomass gasifier, biomass gasifier is a kind of new energy equipment, which mainly uses biomass such as straw, sawdust, rice husk and other biomass as raw materials to produce synthetic gas after pyrolysis and oxidation. Biomass gasifier can convert waste gas and biomass into clean gas for residents to use, and can also use the generated gas to drive generating units to generate electricity. Biomass gasification technology plays an active role in dealing with a large number of crop wastes, reducing environmental pollution and improving people's living standards.

Biomass Gasifier

Myanmar 500KW Rice Hull Power Generation Equipment Field

Principle of biomass gasification:The reaction process of different biomass is also different. Generally, gasifier reactions can be divided into oxidation layer, reduction layer, cracking layer and drying layer.

1. Oxidation reaction. The main reaction of biomass in the oxide layer is oxidation reaction. The gasifier is introduced from the lower part of the grate, and then it is heated by the ash layer and enters the oxide layer. A large amount of carbon dioxide is generated through combustion reaction of high temperature carbon, and heat is released at the same time. The temperature can reach 1000-1300 degrees Celsius. The combustion in the oxide layer is exothermic reaction.

2. Reduction reaction. Carbon dioxide and carbon generated in the oxide layer react with water vapor.

3. Cracking reaction zone. The biomass is heated by the hot gas generated in the oxidation zone and the reduction zone during the ascending process, so that the biomass in the pyrolysis zone can be pyrolyzed.

4. Drying zone. The gas in the oxidation layer, reduction layer and pyrolysis zone rises to this area, and the biomass raw material is heated to evaporate the water in the raw material and absorb heat. The oxidation zone and the reduction zone are called the gasification zone. The gasification reaction is mainly carried out here. Cracking and drying zones are generally referred to as fuel preparation zones.

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Take our customers to the factory to visit the production site of equipment.

Whether you come from home or abroad, we adhere to the integrity-based, quality assurance. In the spring of 2019, as every member of Henan Dianyan, we welcome every customer with a sincere heart.