Research on the Development Prospect of Biomass Energy Industry in our country

10.21, 2020

Henan Electric Power Research New Energy published an article "Exploring the Development Prospects of my country's Biomass Energy Industry" in the "Economic Research Guide" in the 25th issue of 2020, focusing on the development status, development trends, development prospects, and development deficiencies of China's biomass energy industry Conduct analysis and research.

As a large energy consumer, China has to consider how to achieve low-carbon development and to effectively deal with energy shortages and environmental issues while promoting industrialization and urbanization.
As we all know, China has abundant coal energy reserves. Coal energy has indeed played an important role in China's economic development, but the environmental pollution caused by it is also obvious. Taking off the label of a major carbon dioxide emitter is a major challenge facing China's sustainable economic development. Biomass energy industry is a symbol of the transition from traditional economy to circular economy, and it is also a huge opportunity for the development of circular economy.
The development of the biomass energy industry will be an important technical support for the steady advancement of China's national economy and the realization of sustainable development in the 21st century. So far, China’s biomass energy industry has developed a relatively clear development direction and development plan.