Outward bound training: One Dream , One Heart

10.24, 2019

In order to further enhance the team's communication, cooperation and execution, build the team's centripetal force and cohesion, and enhance the team's sense of responsibility and sense of responsibility. Henan Dianyan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. carried out a two-day and one night group construction activity with the theme of "no perfect individual, only perfect team" from October 19 to October 20, 2019.

This expansion training mainly includes the following six items:Ice breaking sail, crazy market, challenging 90s, trusting back wrestling, colorful seesaw and rough life path. Here are some of the most impressive projects for the me.

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Ice breaking sail

At the beginning of Tuanjie, a series of warm-up activities such as "touching your head, putting on your shoulders, pinching your waist" have been carried out to shorten the distance between the partners at the fastest speed. In this league building, we not only have our own exclusive code, but also reorganize the team. In the League building activities, there is no difference between leaders and subordinates, but more about the identity of teammates. This makes us more deeply understand what is a group of people, one thing, one heart.

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Challenging 90s

Each team should finish five projects in turn within 90 seconds. Once there are errors in the project process, you must restart from the current project. After a series of challenges and assignments, our two teams reduced from the initial 180 seconds to more than 80 seconds. This challenge was initially impossible for everyone to complete, but in the end, we not only completed the challenge within the time specified in the project, but also doubled the time.

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Trusting back wrestling

As one of the most significant projects in the League building, trust back wrestling is not only a challenge to individuals, but also a deep manifestation of team cooperation. Each team member should fall on the platform with his back to everyone and fall down straight. The following team members will catch him safely. This challenge requires people on the stage to be confident and believe in their teammates. The players on the stage should take responsibility to protect their teammates from being hurt.

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This expansion training not only relieved everyone's pressure in work, but also improved everyone's execution and cohesion, strengthened the communication and understanding between each member. As a big family and a team, everyone realized that many things can't be done by one person alone, so the cooperation and division of labor of the team are very important. No. Regardless of our position in the team, as long as we make every effort to cooperate in our own position, the work can be completed smoothly.

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