Do you really know about the medical waste?

09.17, 2019

      Medical waste refers to wastes produced by medical and health institutions in medical, prevention, health care and other related activities with direct or indirect infectivity, toxicity and other hazards. Unlike domestic garbage, medical garbage contains a large number of bacteria, viruses and chemical agents, which are highly infectious, biotoxic and corrosive. Untreated or incompletely treated medical garbage piled arbitrarily can easily cause pollution to water, soil and air, and cause direct or indirect harm to human body. It may become the source of epidemic.

      The types of medical waste are complex, including the following five categories: infectious waste, pathological waste, injurious waste, pharmaceutical waste and chemical waste. At present, there are many technologies used to treat medical waste. According to different treatment principles, they can be generally divided into sterilization, incineration, plasma, pyrolysis and sanitary landfill.

Dianyan industrial shredder


     The medical waste shredder manufactured by Henan Electric Research and Development Co., Ltd. can process and break up medical waste. After shredding, the volume of medical waste becomes smaller, the space occupied becomes smaller, and it is convenient for transportation and treatment. At the same time, the gasifier and incinerator produced by our factory can incinerate and pyrolysis these medical wastes, thus effectively solving the problem of medical wastes treatment.

Dianyan Small Shredder

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