How to deal with bulky garbage that is thrown away randomly

09.11, 2020
Large pieces of furniture such as sofas and mattresses are necessities of every family. Due to the loss during use or the long service life, replacement is imperative. However, how to deal with the eliminated items has caused a lot of headaches for many citizens.
    In many old communities in the urban area, you can see old tables, chairs and sofas stacked in the corners by residents.
   "Daily life garbage is directly thrown in the trash can, but the property says that they are not responsible for cleaning up large pieces of garbage and let our owners handle it." Ms. Wang is having a headache for the disposal of old sofas and old mattresses at home. It turned out that she had just bought a new house and was about to move in. However, it turns out that the sofa furniture at home did not know how to deal with it. At present, the second-hand market only recycles household appliances such as refrigerators, TVs, and air conditioners, and rarely recycles furniture. Give it to relatives and friends, and feel that I have used it before, so I am embarrassed to take it out.
    When I asked, I realized that many of my friends were bothered by this. Some choose to discard the large household garbage in a sparsely populated underground garage or dark corner, while others choose to ask someone to move it away. As for how to deal with it later, they don't understand.
    At present, the general method of urban waste disposal in my country is centralized collection and landfill. However, the increasing amount of waste generated makes landfill no longer the best option. The “Notice on Accelerating the Classification of Domestic Waste in Some Key Cities” issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development on January 2, 2018 determined that 46 key cities including Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, and Zhengzhou should implement domestic waste classification. According to reports, the main problem facing waste sorting and processing is that the terminal processing is not perfect. Preliminary explorations have already begun in Shanghai, Xiamen, Zhengzhou and other places.
In order to solve the garbage disposal problem, many places have quietly started the trial of the garbage shredding line.
    The public bidding documents show that Shanghai, Yangzhou, Chongqing and other places have begun the construction of garbage shredding and sorting, and some places have been put into use.
    It is understood that the garbage shredding production line is to shred large pieces of garbage through the now popular shredder (the shredder chooses Dinghao), and then the iron-containing material is selected through magnetic separation, and then crushed and blown by the shredder. clean. Iron-free materials are manually sorted. The shredded wood, waste plastic, iron, etc. are recycled by the steel plant through the resource recycling company, and the fiber materials are sent to the waste incineration power plant for incineration. After such a sorting procedure, it is basically possible to completely decompose large household garbage such as mattresses and sofas, and realize the harmless utilization of resources.
    Principle of garbage shredding line:
    The garbage sorting center transports the collected large domestic garbage to the loading conveyor, and after the secondary shredding, it becomes small items that can be sorted, and then talks about crushing, magnetic separation, wind separation, and eddy current separation. In other steps, iron, copper, aluminum, plastic, fiber and other items are sorted and processed. Recyclable items are sent to steel mills and plastic granulation plants as raw materials by resource recycling companies for reuse, and non-recyclable items are sent to thermal power plants for incineration. deal with.
    Through this process, solid waste resources can be fully utilized, greatly saving landfill space, and increasing economic and social benefits.