Household garbage shredder

08.25, 2020
In the past 20 years, my country has produced nearly 1 billion tons of municipal waste each year. According to national requirements, the proportion of municipal solid waste resource utilization must reach 30% in 2015, and the municipalities and provincial capitals and cities separately designated in the plan will reach the target of 50%. With the rapid development of China's domestic treatment industry, Stride provides comprehensive domestic waste crushing solutions, providing targeted crushing systems for pre-treatment of domestic waste before incineration, recycling of domestic waste, and RDF production.
At present, domestic waste treatment mainly includes the following treatment processes:
1. Domestic waste landfill
2. Domestic waste incineration (circulating fluidized bed, grate furnace)
3. Pyrolysis and gasification of domestic waste
4. Comprehensive sorting and resource utilization of domestic waste
5. Co-processing in cement kiln
Suitable for crushing domestic waste materials
Henan Dianyan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.,
The domestic garbage crusher is mainly used in the following processes:
1. Domestic waste incineration in circulating fluidized bed: pretreatment and crushing process
2. Pyrolysis and gasification of domestic waste: pretreatment and crushing process
3. Comprehensive sorting and resource utilization of domestic waste: bag breaking, coarse crushing before sorting and RDF crushing process
4. Cement kiln co-processing: pretreatment crushing process