Heavy news! New prospects for biomass energy power generation in 2030!

09.17, 2019

According to the latest market forecast of the International Energy Agency (IEA), bio-energy will be the largest growth of renewable energy in 2018-2023. The bio-energy used only for electricity will increase by 38 GW to 158 GW in the five-year period. It is expected that bio-energy will meet about 3% of the global electricity demand in 2023. The IEA sees a more optimistic outlook for China, which is expected to account for 37% of global bio-energy.

Biomass power generation has important value in renewable energy power generation system. As a high-quality form of power generation, biomass power generation can not only alleviate the power shortage in China, but also reduce the environmental pollution caused by waste biomass. Modern bio-energy is often "the neglected giant in the field of renewable energy". Bio-energy power generation is an effective way to utilize biomass resources efficiently and has great development potential in the next decade.

The proportion of biomass power generation may exceed 5% by 2030.

"According to the current development situation, by 2030 biomass power generation proportion of more than 5% is not a problem." Qu Ruijing, deputy director of Circular Economy Science and Technology Achievement Conversion Promotion Center of China Circular Economy Association, made a rough prediction.

Biomass power generation is based on biomass energy, which can be divided into direct combustion power generation, mixed combustion power generation, biomass gasification power generation and biogas power generation. From the development course and situation of biomass power generation in China, it is not difficult to reach this prediction proportion in the next ten years.

In 2005, China passed the Renewable Energy Law, which greatly promoted the development of biomass power generation. With the support of relevant policies, biomass power generation industry has become the third largest industry in the field of renewable energy after wind power and photovoltaic power. The installed capacity of biomass power generation in China has developed from 1.5 million kilowatts in 2003 to nearly 1500 kilowatts today. In recent two years, due to resource constraints, the growth of biomass power generation has been stable at about 10%.

Henan Dianyan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., as an energy-based enterprise, is mainly committed to biomass energy gasification and power generation equipments and various waste pretreatment equipments, which will vigorously promote the development of biomass energy industry and follow the national policy. The vigorous development of biomass energy is not only related to the development of energy and environmental protection, but also to the energy cause of our company. Energy saving, emission reduction and energy consumption reduction are an important direction to promote the development of environmental protection in the future.

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