Emission reduction pledges inspire global climate action

10.23, 2020
In the general debate of the 75th United Nations General Assembly, President Xi Jinping solemnly announced that China will increase its nationally determined contribution, adopt more effective policies and measures, and strive to reach the peak of carbon dioxide emissions by 2030, and strive to achieve it by 2060. Carbon neutral. This ambitious and major announcement not only demonstrates China's firm will to fully promote the new development concept, but also demonstrates China's clear attitude to make new contributions to the global response to climate change, and has been universally praised by the international community. Multinational media and international people interviewed by our reporter believe that China’s commitments and actions will play an important role in the global response to climate change.
   "The most important climate change commitment in many years"
   Reuters reported that China’s commitments made at the UN General Assembly are “the most important commitment to address climate change in many years”.
   According to Guerrero Garcia, consultant of the UN Secretariat’s Climate Change Team, China’s commitment is the strongest signal received by the international market since the signing of the Paris Agreement on climate change. Gavin Thompson, vice chairman of the Asia-Pacific region of Wood Mackenzie, a world-renowned energy consulting company, said that if any country in the world can achieve such an ambitious climate change goal, it is only China.
   The New York Times reported that this commitment is vital to the global response to climate change. Todd Stern, who represented the United States in the negotiation of the Paris Agreement on climate change, pointed out that the carbon neutral goal is "big news" and marks an "inspiring step."
   Agence France-Presse quoted Rogerley, a climate expert at Imperial College London, as saying that China’s commitment will boost confidence in global climate action. Germany’s Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reported that China has established an image of a trustworthy international partner that earnestly implements international treaties.
  Chile’s "Financial Daily" reported that China’s commitment rekindled new hopes for the global response to climate change. Helen Mumford, vice chairman of the World Resources Institute, pointed out that China’s emission reduction targets have a positive impact on the international community and will push other countries to take actions to address climate change.
  "China's green development is already at the forefront of the world"
China incorporates the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP into its five-year plan as a binding indicator, and decomposes and implements national targets into regions and implements assessments. It adopts adjustments to industrial structure, optimizes energy structure, saves energy and improves energy efficiency, and promotes the construction of carbon markets A series of measures such as increasing forest carbon sinks have achieved remarkable results. As of the end of 2019, China's carbon intensity was about 48.1% lower than that in 2005, and non-fossil energy accounted for 15.3% of primary energy consumption. China's external commitment to carbon emission reduction targets for 2020 was achieved ahead of schedule.
  Lina Dengrudanyisen, editor-in-chief of the Belgian Flemish version of "China Today" magazine, has visited China for many times. Witnessing China’s remarkable achievements in the construction of ecological civilization, she said with emotion: “China’s green development is already at the forefront of the world.” Dengrudan Esen believes that China has clearly demonstrated to the international community its determination and will to adhere to green and low-carbon development. Send a strong message to the world: To effectively and effectively tackle climate change, all countries should make conscious contributions. China is willing to set a benchmark and make greater contributions to the global green and low-carbon transformation.
"China has announced new emission reduction efforts, which will help inspire more countries around the world to take action to address the climate crisis." Helen Clarkson, CEO of the international non-profit organization "Climate Organization", believes that these carbon emissions proposed by China are related The goal has a "milestone" meaning. "There is no doubt that China's efforts will play an important role in the global climate action process."
   Thailand’s “Bangkok Post” reported that China will promote a “green recovery” of the world economy after the epidemic. Brazil’s "Look" magazine reported that China’s commitment may change the forecast of global warming before 2100, or it will effectively reduce the increase in global temperature at that time.
   Georgian "Daily News" editor-in-chief Aftandil Otinashvili believes that China stands at the height of being responsible for human civilization and makes solemn commitments to global environmental governance and actively implements it. At the moment when countries are committed to fighting the epidemic and promoting economic recovery, China's green development proposition is of great significance.
  "Promote countries to take more decisive and courageous emission reduction actions"
   Many EU officials, including European Commission President Von der Lein, welcomed and supported China’s carbon neutrality goal. Von der Lein said through social media, “This is an important step taken under the framework of the Paris Agreement to address climate change. The EU will strengthen cooperation with China to achieve this goal.” The German Federal Government spokesperson said. We welcome China’s announcement of its carbon neutrality target as an important signal for the global response to climate change. "We hope to continue to work closely with China on various issues of tackling climate change to promote carbon neutrality in both countries and the world." The spokesperson also said that the EU has decided to establish a high-level dialogue on environment and climate with China. John Morton, the special envoy for the British climate summit, said that China is committed to helping the world avoid "catastrophic climate change." He also called on other countries around the world to follow in China's footsteps and reduce carbon emissions.
"This commitment may have a significant impact on global environmental governance." Manuel Purga Vidal, director of the World Wide Fund for Nature’s Global Climate and Energy Program, highly appreciates China’s commitment and believes that global emissions reductions are facing gaps and climate governance faces. At the critical moment of the deficit, China’s announced new goals sent a very important positive signal, reflecting China’s international leadership in addressing climate change issues. "China's actions will have an impact on all countries in the world, especially the major emitters, and encourage countries to take more decisive and courageous actions to reduce emissions."
   "The goals announced by China are of great significance and will become a catalyst for global green policies." The EU news website "EU News" reported that at present, most members of the European Parliament support the EU to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030. Encouraged by China’s commitment, more members of the European Parliament may support the EU to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 60% by 2030.
   Eduardo Regalado, a researcher at the Cuban Center for International Political Studies, said that many countries and international institutions have realized that if they do not change their development concepts in time, they will cause permanent damage to nature. Countries need to promote the transition of global development to green and low-carbon. "China's emission reduction commitments and new development concepts will strongly promote the sustainable development of the world."