Good News! One Set Biomass Gasifier System is Shipped!

12.05, 2019

Recently, a set of biomass gasification system was completed in the production base of Henan Dianyan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and sent to Nigeria.

After the third-party inspection and customer satisfaction, the equipment began to be packed and shipped. Here, I want to say “Thanks” to our hard-working workers: Thanks for your hard work!

dianyan gasifier


Features of Biomass Gasifier System:

1.Wide range of biomass fuels:

All kinds of agricultural and forestry wastes can be used as biomass fuels, such as straw, rice husk, woodchips,coconut husk, hard nut shell, sawdust, animal manure, etc.

2.High thermal efficiency and gasification rate

Compared with the coal-fired gasifier, the gasifier can maximize the thermal efficiency of 75% after pyrolysis and reduction of fuel. After continuous research and development and innovation, the gasification rate of the gasifier of Henan Electric Research Institute is also increasing.

3. It can produce carbon, gas and electricity together, which can be used comprehensively according to the needs of customers

Biomass gas is the largest product of biomass gasification equipment developed and manufactured by new energy research and development. Biomass gas can not only be used as a heat source for other industrial equipment, but also replace gas. Natural gas is used for the construction of beautiful villages. The purified gas can also be connected to the generator set for power generation. Our biomass gasification equipment will produce 20% of biomass carbon as an additional product while producing gas. Biochar can not only be used for sales, but also be made into activated carbon, carbon based fertilizer, mechanism carbon rod, etc. after deep processing, which can create considerable economic benefits for customers.

4. Easy operation,start run after ignition for about 20 minutes

The whole set of equipment is equipped with automatic control system, which can be operated and controlled by 1-2 people, saving time and labor. An ignition hole is arranged in the middle of the furnace body to facilitate ignition. The system can run for power generation 15-20 minutes after ignition.

5. Combustion pollution, clean energy and considerable economic benefits

The syngas produced in the gasification process is converted into clean energy after purification system, which is more environmentally friendly and efficient than coal and direct combustion. The fuel is completely decomposed in the gasifier, and only the remaining ash meets the national environmental protection requirements. Biomass fuel is a kind of renewable energy with low cost. The material gas and biomass carbon produced by it bring considerable economic benefits.

biomass gasifier


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