3.58 million jobs! Biomass energy promotes global renewable energy employment

09.30, 2020
Henan Dianyan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.,
According to a new report issued by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) on September 29, there were 11.5 million jobs in the global renewable energy sector in 2019. Among them, the number of jobs in the bioenergy field increased from 3.18 million in 2018 to 3.58 million.
According to this report, liquid biofuels provided 2.475 million jobs, solid biomass provided 764,000 jobs, biogas provided 342,000 jobs, and urban and industrial waste provided 39,000 jobs.
In the global installed capacity of renewable energy last year, solid biofuels accounted for 3.4%, biogas accounted for 0.8%, and renewable municipal waste accounted for 0.6%.
Among the 764,000 solid biomass jobs in the world, the EU accounts for 392,000, China accounts for 188,000, India accounts for 58,000, and the United States accounts for 51,000. Among the 342,000 biogas jobs in the world, 145,000 are in China, 85,000 in India, 75,000 in the EU, and 7,000 in the United States.
The bioenergy industry is the largest employer of renewable energy in the EU. Solid biomass, including heat and electricity, has approximately 392,400 jobs. Biogas provided 74,900 jobs, while liquid biofuels provided 239,000 jobs. Last year, the EU created a total of 1.317 million jobs in the renewable energy sector.
Biomass is the most employable renewable energy industry in the United States, with 32,300 jobs. Solid biomass is also the largest employer of renewable energy in France, providing 31,100 jobs.