2MW Coal Gasification Power Plant Oversea

09.29, 2019

Coal gasification power generation equipment mainly converts solid coal particles into gas to drive the generating sets to generate electricity. This coal-to-gas conversion system is mainly composed of the following parts: feed system, gas generation system, gas purification system and power generation system. According to the needs of different users, coal gasifier equipment are also divided into many different models. Our company has developed for many years in the gas generator equipment industry. At present, with the increasingly stringent national environmental protection requirements, our factory is constantly improving and strengthening its own technology, so that the coal gasification equipment can meet the requirements of domestic and international environmental protection, fully achieve low energy consumption and pollution-free.

The new project of 2MW power generation system oversea of our company was completed a year ago and has been put into operation. This power generation system is mainly composed of the following parts: gas generation system (two-stage coal gasifier), gas purification system, power generation system (4 sets of 500kw generating units). According to the feedback received by the relevant personnel in charge of our company, the whole system has now been put into operation, and customers have given a high evaluation of our equipment and services. Details of the whole system are shown in the following figure:

coal gasifier

The advantages of circulating power generation in coal gasification power generation system are as follows:

(1) Compared with the traditional gas stove, it saves more energy, greatly improves efficiency, and achieves environmental protection and pollution-free. Traditional gas power generation equipment is polluted and inefficient.

(2) Small amount of waste disposal after coal combustion. Elemental sulphuric acid produced after desulfurization can be sold. It reduces the cost of power generation for customers. Glassy slag formed by melting and cooling of ash and any trace elements is harmless to the environment and can be used as raw materials for construction and cement industry.

(3) Through coal gasification, besides generating electricity, it can also produce fuels and chemicals such as methanol, gasoline and urea, so that coal can be comprehensively utilized. It is conducive to reducing production costs.

(4) less water consumption. Generally speaking, water consumption is only 50%-70% of that of conventional power plants. This is very beneficial for water shortage in China, especially suitable for the construction of pithead power station in water shortage mining areas.

coal gasifier