biomass gasifier

08.17, 2020

Our biomass gasification (power generation) production line is a combination of carbon and gas. Raw materials are inexhaustible to make up for energy shortages. Compared with direct combustion of biomass, the gasification gas is cleaner and can generate about 20%. After deep processing, the charcoal can be used for barbecue charcoal, organic fertilizer, etc. It has high added value and high return on investment. Generally, it can pay back within 2-3 years.


1 Can the gasifier gasify multiple raw materials at the same time?

According to the size of raw materials, our company's gasifier has two types: fixed bed and fluidized bed. The fluidized bed is suitable for materials with uniform particles under 15mm, such as rice husks (the technology of fluidized bed gasification of rice husks is very mature, and our company has no mature experience for other granular materials), and the fixed bed is suitable for 15-80mm Materials such as wood chips, crushed straw, corn stalks, and different materials of uniform size can be put into the same furnace.


2 Can the gasification of municipal solid waste be done?

Our company’s gasifier can gasify wood waste such as waste wood. Organic waste such as waste plastics, waste rubber, and rags cannot be processed, and the gas after gasification of these organic wastes is unstable, and the exhaust after combustion contains harmful gases such as dioxins that are difficult to treat.


3 What are the commonly used raw materials?

Raw materials include biomass pellets, peanut shells, wheat stalks, corn stalks, wood chips, wood chips, branches, sawdust, bark, coconut shells, cashew nut shells, rice husks, rice bran, bagasse, coffee grounds, bamboo, livestock manure (cow dung) ), paper mill sludge, etc.


4 What are the models of the gasifier?

The model of the gasifier should be determined according to the customer's needs, the amount of heat the customer needs, or the amount of electricity generated, or how much biomass raw materials need to be processed.


5 Is the equipment environmentally friendly?

During the operation of the equipment, in accordance with the Class 3 standard of the "Environmental Noise Emission Standards at the Boundary of Industrial Enterprises" (GB12348-2008), 70 decibels during the day and 55 decibels at night. If it does not generate electricity, no wastewater will be involved. The gas after the gasification of biomass raw materials is a mixture of carbon monoxide, hydrogen, methane and hydrocarbons, and carbon dioxide after combustion. The plant ash produced in the gasification process can be used as fertilizer; the produced biomass charcoal can be further processed into activated carbon, machine-made charcoal, etc. and sold as commodities.

After the biomass gasifier drives the boiler combustion, the flue gas emission can meet the flue gas emission standard of natural gas boilers, and meet the national "GB13271-2014 Boiler Air Pollutant Emission Standard", and the emission concentration meets: soot ≤20mg/m³, SO2≤30mg /m³, NOx≤100mg/m³. No additional pollutants are produced.


6 How long is the lead time?

The production cycle of biomass gasifier depends on the model size, and the production cycle is about 30-40 working days


7 How much land does your gasification power generation system occupy?

According to the calculation of power generation, 100kw power generation system equipment occupies about 150 square meters; 300kw is 400-500 square meters, 500kw equipment occupies 600-800 square meters, 1mw equipment covers an area of ​​1500 square meters, and the plant area is generally twice that of the equipment area. The details are subject to on-site and actual design, and do not include pre-processing such as crushing and drying of raw materials.

8 How long is the warranty period of the entire equipment?

Usually the warranty period is one year after delivery. The design life of the main body of our gasifier is 15-20 years. It needs to be overhauled every three months and maintenance is performed regularly. It is recommended that you buy spare parts for 2 years.