08.17, 2020
The shredder of Henan Dianyan New Energy Company can shred all kinds of home appliances, containers, scrap metal, wood, etc. It has the characteristics of large output, high efficiency, and has experience in exporting to many countries and regions.
1 How to select the shredder?
It is necessary to determine the type of raw materials, the size of the feed, the processing capacity of the product, and the size of the output before selecting the appropriate model. The output ranges from 100kg/h-20t/h, and the output size is 5-100mm. The output size is determined by the blade thickness and the number of teeth.
2 What material is the shredder suitable for?
①Various hollow containers: plastic beverage cans, plastic barrels, iron barrels, packaging boxes, packaging barrels.
②Used home appliances: TV, washing machine, refrigerator housing.
③Pipe materials: large pipes, fittings, PE pipes.
④ Waste templates: wooden pallets, plastic pallets, forklift pallets.
⑤Used tires: car tires, truck tires.
⑥ Scrap metal: car shells, aluminum alloys, waste cast aluminum parts, engine shells, lead, and steel plates with a thickness of less than 5mm.
⑦Food waste, domestic waste, animal carcasses, RDF derivatives, medical waste, biological oranges, garden waste.
⑧Plastic head material, twisted rope in paper mill, etc.
3 What are the suitable advantages of the shredder?
1). It is suitable for a wide range of raw materials, such as waste home appliances, pipes, tires, metals, garbage, etc.
2). The double-shaft shearing crusher has the characteristics of high efficiency (100kg/h-20t/h), large torque, low speed, and low noise (no-load noise of 1 meter is less than 85db).
3). The equipment has the advantages of non-stick knife, anti-blocking, anti-winding, anti-seize, and can guarantee the crushing output.
4). High safety, the shredder is equipped with safety guardrails, and the motor has the function of starting protection and automatic reversal to redistribute the material to be broken.
5). Provide customized services to meet different customer needs.
6). Equipped with well-known brand components, the equipment has a long operating life, with an average life span of 10-15 years.
7). Simple operation, one person can operate.
4 How long is the lead time?
The shredder production cycle is about 20-30 working days