400kw Rice Husk Gasifier Power Plant in Myanmar

08.25, 2020

Henan Dianyan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.,

400KW/hour biomass power generation project in Myanmar
Biomass material: rice husk
Major equipment:
1) Vaporization furnace model: DY-L1500. (including steel structure bracket)
2) Feeding hoist (including top guardrail, operation table)
3) Biomass raw material warehouse (including steel structure support, ladder, guardrail, operating platform)
4) One-stage dry cyclone dust collector
5) Two-stage dry heat exchange separator
6) Multi-tube spray washing system + filtration
7) Residual gas burner
8) Safety water sealing device
9) Wet pressure regulating gas storage tank (Note: We provide drawings for this project, and the customer will purchase steel locally, weld the sealing tube on site and build the outer wall of the gas tank for safety protection and secondary sealing).
10) Electronic control system
Other auxiliary equipment:
1) Feed water pump
2) Pool (made by the customer on site)
3) Rotary ash conveying valve
4) Screw ash conveyor
5) Blower unit
6) Screw feeder
Supporting generator sets: 2 sets of 200KW internal combustion generator sets, a total of 400KW generating capacity, purchased by the customer.
Use time: put into use at the end of September 2018.